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Jerry Seinfeld's Brilliant Fitness Tip

Do you struggle with sticking to your fitness plan?

One skipped workout leads to another, and another, and another. Then, before you know it, your progress grinds to a halt.

This frustrating cycle is all too common.

Many of my clients have asked for a helpful tip to stick with their exercise plan, and I found the solution in an unlikely place: from the mind of Jerry Seinfeld.

The story goes like this…

A few decades ago, when he was a touring comedian and the Seinfeld show was new to TV, a young man approached him behind stage at a comedy club to ask for advice. How can I become a better comic?

He told the young comic that to become better, he should write better jokes. And to write better jokes, he must write every single day.

Seinfeld went on to describe his Chain Method for staying consistent. He hangs a big calendar of a whole year on the wall. On every day that he writes, he marks that box with an X. After a few days you have a chain that continues to grow longer. Now your job is to simply never break the chain.

Don’t break the chain!

While Seinfeld used this brilliant technique for writing jokes, we can use it for fitness. Every day that you exercise gets a big, satisfying X on the calendar. How gratifying to see your fitness chain grow on your wall calendar! (Put an X in a different color for nutrition and you'll have a double X chain!)

If your goal is to drop body fat and build lean muscle, consistency is the key. Some days will be weight training (hopefully 3 days per week!), some days will be a walk, and some days might even be "functional fitness" like yard work or hours spent cleaning out the garage, for example. Moving your body daily is the goal.

Build the chain; see the results.

If you aren't sure where to start, I can help. Reach out to me via email or phone to get started on a program that you enjoy so much that it's easy to stick to.

Grab your FREE copy of my new SUGAR DETOX Ebook now! Simply reply to this email and I'll send it your way.



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