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7 Rules for Fat Loss

If you’re ready to reduce your body fat, don't do it without a plan You can adhere to these seven rules that will make your fat-burning attempts a wild success.

Here are the Magic 7 Rules for fat loss:

Rule #1: Water Rules

Ready to melt away the body fat? Then you’ll need to drink water. A lot of it. Every time you feel the urge to drink something, make it water. Not juice. Not milk. And definitely not beer. They all add sugars and calories to your daily intake, which will do nothing but make it harder to get rid of your fat stores. Drinking water also helps you avoid eating when you’re not hungry, feel better, and helps your body move when it’s time to exercise.

Rule #2: Protein, Please

One of the best things you can eat to get rid of fat is protein. Whether chicken, turkey, eggs, low-fat cottage cheese, grass-fed beef, or whey protein powder, vegan protein and beans, protein at every meal helps you burn more calories and maintain lean muscle, keeping your metabolism burning.

Rule #3: Lift Weights

There are lots of exercises that help you burn fat. Actually, just about any exercise you do will help since activity burns calories. But be sure to include some resistance training (strength training) to grow a little lean toned muscle, and boost your metabolism as you drop fat.

Rule #4: Go Big

One of the most successful long-term plans to get rid of fat is to add muscle to your body. (see #3) A great way to do this is by utilizing big, compound movements with free weights. That means things like bench press, squats, deadlifts, and overhead press. Of course, you may not yet be a weight-lifting aficionado. No problem. Call or email me to get started on an online or in person exercise program that’s just right for you.

Rule #5: Eat Less

On the path to less fat, one rule you can’t ignore is to simply eat less calories. That’s right—calories matter. Think you can eat all the healthy food you want and still drop weight? Nope. Your body only needs a certain amount of calories to function. The rest get stored as body fat and have the potential to stick around for the long haul—even if those calories come from healthy foods.

Rule #6: Go to Bed

Sleep your fat away? Well, yes! Many studies have shown the direct connection between sleep and fat loss, yet some people still ignore their body’s signals to get more sleep. Cultivate a pre-sleep ritual that includes winding down, relaxing and positive self talk. Turn the lights out at a decent hour that allows you to get about eight hours sleep/rest every night. You’ll feel better in the morning, avoid midnight snack temptations, and burn more fat during your waking hours.

Rule #7: Have a Treat- once in a while

This is less a rule than a suggestion, but it’s a good idea to give yourself a break now and then. Otherwise, you may find yourself unable to maintain your fat-burning ways for the long-term. Once a week, for exactly one meal, allow yourself to enjoy whatever food you’ve been craving. Just remember to keep it to a normal portion size, only do it for one meal each week, and return back to your healthy eating immediately.

If you are serious about attaining a life-altering body transformation, reach out to me for assistance. I am here to provide you with everything you need to burn the fat and transform your body once and for all!

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