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7 Bonus Gifts of Fitness

People work out for a variety of reasons.

And once you've reached your fitness goals, you might think that "maintenance" is the only reason to continue.

But reaching your health and fitness goals by exercising regularly and eating healthfully comes with some added gifts!

When you're in the shape you want to be, you'll enjoy these 7 bonus gifts of fitness:

✅ Gift of Fitness #1: Looking and Feeling great at any age

When you are in shape and at your ideal weight, clothes fit and feel great. Gone are the days of looking for ways to camouflage your ‘problem’ areas because even those areas look good. Friends, family members and co-workers tell you how fantastic you look, and you feel good, too.

✅ Gift of Fitness #2: Feeling more Confident

The act of accomplishing any worthwhile goal is enough to boost your confidence, and this is even more apparent when reaching a fitness goal. When you put your time, energy and effort toward improving your body and mind, reaching your goal feels so good. That sense of accomplishment does wonders for your confidence.

✅ Gift of Fitness #3: Having more energy

Sometimes, if you're not working out, it's hard to get the energy to do more. Once you become fit, you have more energy for everything in your life. You thrive on action, and activities that used to tire you out now leave you feeling energized.

✅ Gift of Fitness #4: Feeling Stronger

The activities of a fit person make it possible to do even more. When you're in good shape, you can hike, bike, walk, pick up new hobbies and play with the kids/grandkids without being limited by your physical fitness. Picking up items that used to feel heavy is now a breeze as your "functional fitness" for doing daily tasks gets easier. Gone are the days when you’d tell yourself, “I can’t do that. I’m not strong enough.”

✅ Gift of Fitness #5: Being Healthier

You’ll never forget the look on your doctor’s face when examining your healthier body. No more lectures about the many risks of weight-related ailments. Those days are behind you. You're no longer worried about all those "lifestyle diseases" that sedentary and overweight people get. You're being proactive about your health and doing everything you can to stay healthy and able.

✅ Gift of Fitness #6: Freedom from weight loss Worry

How long had you been trying to lose body fat and get down to your ideal weight? A long time, right? And all that time, it's been in the back of your mind, always weighing you down. No pun intended.

Guess what? Poof! That pressure disappeared the day you reached your fitness and weight goal, and in its place came a sense of calm contentment. Now, you no longer worry about it because you know what it takes to get and stay in shape!

✅ Gift of Fitness #7: Enjoying every day

Once you transformed your body, life got decidedly more fun and exciting. You never knew how much the lack of fitness and extra weight had held you back from doing things until the day that burden was lifted. You now enjoy life with more joy and passion – the way you were designed to.

If these 7 Gifts of Fitness have inspired you to focus on your health and fitness, please reach out to me right now.

Call, text or email and we'll discuss a plan to have you moving toward your fit and healthy lifestyle goal.

But don’t wait—to do so would be to risk losing the motivation that you feel right now. I’m here to help you transform your body with a sustainable plan that you'll love.



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