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Why Mondays Matter the Most

Mondays matter more than any other day of the week.

This is because your actions on Monday set the tone for your entire week. Start out on the wrong foot and it could take days to get back on track.

Mondays are like mornings. If you win your mornings, you're usually going to win your day.

For example, starting out with a healthy breakfast that's full of fiber and protein gets you primed to eat healthy again at lunch, and again at dinner. Start your day with a sugary treat and you'll be riding the blood sugar rollercoaster all day, with cravings and highs and lows.

Likewise, when you exercise on Monday, you're going to set yourself up to have an active and fit week. When you show up prepared and rested on a Monday, the rest of the week flows with other successes and wins.

Fact: When you workout on Monday, you're 4 times more likely to get in another workout that week... and that leads to accomplishing more workouts in the rest of the week and the weeks to come.

But, when you don't exercise on a Monday, you're left chasing the rest of the week and trying to catch up. It's easier to build upon your successes, then to try to dig yourself out of a hole.

This is true for your fitness, health, mindset and probably your work, too.

When you choose to skip your workout on Monday, and then eat whatever is quick and available rather than what’s healthy, you’re already feeling defeated, instead of starting the week feeling victorious.

The fastest way to reach your fitness and health goals is to show up on Mondays well-rested, well-prepared, and ready to succeed. Of course, planning ahead on Sundays makes all the difference for your successful Mondays... which in turn affects the rest of the week.

As many people like to say,"Never miss a Monday!"

And we should also say, "Get prepared on Sunday!"

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