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What's a "No Matter What"?

Having some personal guidelines or rules helps keep you on track and living a life that leads toward your goals.

In my program, we call these personal rules our "NO MATTER WHATS".

Here are my 5 of my personal lifestyle rules. Stick with them 80-90% of the time and your body will be healthier and more fit.

✅ Lifestyle Rule #1: Don’t Eat Just To Eat

Your healthy lifestyle doesn't include mindless snacking. I’m talking about a tub of popcorn during a movie or a bag of chips in front of the TV. All the calories ingested from mindless snacking end up somewhere…and that somewhere is stored on your body.

Snacks are fine when you are mindful and aware of what you’re eating and you choose what, when and how much to eat. You can even figure it into your day of food intake if you like.

"No Matter What, I choose what I eat, when I eat, how much I eat, and I eat mindfully."

✅ Lifestyle Rule #2: Stand, Move and Walk Whenever Possible

Have you heard the saying sitting is the new smoking? The idea is that a lifetime of sitting-all-day-every-day is as harmful to your body as smoking. (It's probably not as bad as smoking, but still.) Think for a moment about how much of your day is spent sitting.

You wake up and sit down for breakfast. You sit on the drive to work. You take the elevator up. You sit for most of 8 hours at work. You take the elevator down. You sit on the drive home. You sit to eat dinner. You sit to watch TV or read.

That’s quite a bit of time spent sitting!

Now imagine if you consciously stood for some of this time each day and took the stairs instead of the elevator. Maybe walk while you talk on the phone, get a stand up desk (or an under-desk treadmill!) Over weeks, and months, it really adds up in calories burned, muscles engaged, improved circulation and overall fitness and health.

"No Matter What, I move my body every day, throughout the day, and I squeeze in movement whenever I can."

✅ Lifestyle Rule #3: Decrease Sugar

I might sound like a broken record about this one, but that’s OK. It's an important thing. Our bodies weren’t designed to ingest large amounts of sugar on a daily basis. When you regularly take in excess sugar, you store the extra calories and You Gain Weight. (Not to mention the blood sugar, skin issues and other detrimental effects.)

The tricky part is that sugar is all around us, so avoiding it takes real effort. Beverages are a sneaky source of sugar for many people including sodas, fruit drinks, coffee-tea drinks, energy drinks, etc.

Start with your morning beverage of choice. Does it have sugar in it? Most of the beverages that are blended and brewed at coffee shops are simply vehicles for ingesting sugar.

Save your money, your time, your health and a bunch of calories by making your own coffee at home and using a healthier wholesome "creamer" like Lairds Superfood Creamer.

Find beverages that you enjoy that don't have any added sugar and stick with the rule of not drinking sugary beverages throughout your day.

"No Matter What, I choose healthy foods and beverages that are naturally low in sugar and high in nutrients."

✅ Lifestyle Rule #4: Keep Dinner Light

Who says that dinner should be the biggest and heartiest meal of the day? Instead, focus on enjoying light dinners that are centered around protein and veggies and avoid starches and sugars in the evening.

The recipe here for Beet and Grapefruit Salad is a great example. Add a grilled chicken breast or some Garbanzo Beans to a serving of this vibrant, fiber-filled salad and you have a nutritious dinner that’s light and healthy.

"No Matter What, I choose to eat a light and healthy dinner."

✅ Lifestyle Rule #5: Always Exercise

How often do you brush your teeth? Do you sometimes take a few weeks or months off brushing your teeth? Um, no. That’s gross, right? You brush your teeth everyday as a regular habit because you know that the benefits outweigh the slight inconvenience.

Can you see where I’m going with this?

Exercise only works when you do it as a regular habit and I'm sure you know that the benefits outweigh the slight inconvenience. It’s part of keeping you healthy. It’s part of who you are.

"No Matter What, I exercise regularly to help my body, my health and my mind be the best that they can be."

I invite you to create a few of your own NO MATTER WHATS.

They can make the difference between good ideas and actual commitments to yourself and your well-being. And before you know it... you're healthier, more fit and happier, too.

If you need help, reach out and let's discuss how I can help you with my proven system.

I'm just a call or an email away.



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