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'Tis the Season, for Overeating

Have you been overeating this month?

Most people eat (and/or drink) a lot more than usual this month. Holiday indulgences are already in full swing…between rich party food, dinners and of course those seasonal comfort foods.

I could write you a "feel good" article about cutting back a few calories and exercising a few more minutes each day, but I’d rather write something that’s truly helpful and hopefully will make a difference for you.

So, here's the truth.

We eat too much because it brings immediate pleasure.

That's not a shocking revelation, I know. But when we step back and see that this pleasure comes at a high price, it can motivate us to change for the healthier.

You’ve heard dishes being referred to as "comfort food"—some restaurants even have an entire section of their menu designated as comfort food. But comfort food is more than just a hearty dish…

  • It’s those extra calories that you eat to feed an emotional need rather than a nutritional need.

  • It’s excessively big portions that leave you stuffed and uncomfortable..

  • It’s high calorie snacks that we eat when we're not hungry.

  • It’s sugary treats, then we're riding the sugar rollercoaster all day.

  • It’s fried or cheese-smothered appetizers.

  • It’s whatever you indulge in with mindless munching.

Can you relate to any of the above?

Most of us tend to gravitate toward a particular form of comfort food. For many people, it's chocolate or other sugary treats. For others, it's a salty and crunchy thing.

Think of the last time you ate for pleasure and comfort rather than nourishment.

Why do we do it?

Out of Habit:

Your body loves routine. If you always snack while watching television, then you’d probably find it hard to relax without going through that munching motion. The good news is that once you break the cycle, your body will quickly adapt to a healthier routine.

To Change Your Mood:

Does the thought of a cupcake bring a smile to your lips? How about a large pizza to lift your mood? Pay attention to the emotions that trigger you to overeat—you may be surprised how often you might use food to feel better.

Because Everyone’s Doing It:

Who can resist comfort food when it’s offered among friends and family? Peer pressure doesn’t just apply to teenagers—it’s another reason to overeat. Remember that true friends will support your decision to refrain or say "no thank you.".

Can you remember how you felt after you last filled up on comfort food? If you're like me, the stuffed and bloated feeling was downright awful. 😜

And of course, there are the results of frequent over-consumption:

  • Clothes that are a few sizes larger or way too tight.

  • Drained and with less energy than ever before.

  • Plagued with health concerns and prescriptions.

  • Embarrassed and frustrated and feeling stuck.


Did you know that the battle to overcome your eating habits is decided by a single body part—and it’s not your mouth. (Your mouth is simply a puppet.)

It’s your brain.

Once you’ve made up your mind, for better or for worse, you can bet that your behaviors will obey your decision. If you make up your mind to enjoy the treats of the season mindfully, and to CHOOSE when to indulge and what to indulge in, YOU will be in control and have the power to change old bad habits.

So make the decision to choose MINDFULLY.

Eat what you want, when you want. ENJOY food without guilt or shame. Simply take ownership and responsibility for your actions and behaviors. You are not weak and powerless. You are strong and you have the ability to make choices and take actions that support your goals.

And if being healthy, feeling fit and fitting into your clothes comfortably are your goals, make those choices that lead you that direction.

If you've ever worked with me, you know that I promote health and a healthy mindset, not deprivation and dysfunction. Perfection is NOT the goal, consistency is.

And consistently taking actions toward your healthy lifestyle will lead you there. All you have to do is make up your mind and start. There is no better time than now.​

You can enjoy the treats of the season without losing control, feeling crappy and gaining weight. ​😍

Making a change can be hard—that’s why I’m committed to being with you every step of the way. Call today to schedule a complimentary consultation and I'll support your healthy journey.

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