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The Million Dollar Prize

Have you noticed how difficult it can be to stick with your healthy eating and exercise plan? There’s always a good reason to skip a workout or to indulge in comfort foods. This keeps your goals always out of reach.

There’s a very simple reason for this phenomenon: If you’re looking for an excuse, the universe will provide you with one. Every. Single. Time.

"But I’m not looking for an excuse. Those things were out of my control. I wanted to stick with the program, but I caught a cold, and then life got busy, and then there was this event..."

I totally understand.

But, here's a thought:

If someone offered you a million dollars to stick with your diet and exercise program for 6 months, could you do it?

You bet you could!

And you’d probably even do it for 100 thousand dollars.

This means that if you had a great enough incentive, then you’d stick with your program and get results. So right now the incentive, the motive, the desire just isn’t great enough to resist all of the excuses that the universe has to throw at you.

The good news is that if your reasons and your incentives were strong enough... you'd be able to stick to the program and reach your goals!


Find your incentive.

Results will follow.

Think about all of the reasons WHY you must reach your goals and why they are important NOW.

Also, remember that there are some things that satisfy even more than a pile of cash (although a million dollars would be really great). When you are living life at your ideal weight, in good health, and full of energy, you just might feel like a million bucks!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am thankful for your support, especially these last few crazy years. I hope that you enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday, and reach out to me next week if you'd like my help in reaching your goals.

Want a FREE copy of my 14 Day Sugar Detox Guide?

Email me or text me and I'll send it right over!



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