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The 9 Gifts of Fitness

Physical fitness. It’s a goal, a lifestyle, a surefire way to improve the quality of your life and to be able to do more of what you love doing. If you have yet to commit to being physically fit, understanding the benefits of physical fitness may help you to commit, starting today.

What can you expect from your life as a fit person?

Here are nine gifts that you’ll receive when you make physical fitness a part of your life:

Gift 1: You’ll Want More

Exercise newbies have a hard time believing it, but there will come a time when you crave exercise. It may not be during those first few days or weeks, but once your body becomes fit and begins to perform the way it was built to perform, you’ll want to work out regularly, and you’ll give it your all. Skip a day or two of exercise? You’ll miss it and you'll look forward to working out again!

Gift 2: Bedtime Will Be Better

This one doesn’t involve your sex life (though becoming fit will improve that, as well). Rather, it’s about your ability to hit the hay, fall asleep quickly, and sleep deeply. Just because you’re fit!

Gift 3: Confidence Becomes You

Get fit and watch your self-image skyrocket. Along with it, your confidence. Your confidence will make you more enjoyable to be around, as you will feel better about yourself.

Gift 4: You Eat Well

Just as being fit makes you want to continue to workout regularly, it also inspires you to want to eat well. After all, you spent all that time and effort working hard to get fit. The last thing you want to do is ruin your hard work just for the passing and momentary pleasures of junk food.

Gift 5: Showers Feel Better

This might seem odd, but sitting at a desk all day every day doesn’t get you dirty enough to take a shower. But when you’re living the fit lifestyle, you’re working out regularly, allowing that hard earned sweat to cover your body. After a day that includes a great workout, your shower feels magical, cleansing and relaxing, because you've truly earned it!

Gift 6: Heavy Isn’t Heavy

Spend time not being fit and you may be surprised what fit folks can deal with in life that requires strength. Whether it involves carrying a wiggly baby, picking up several bags of groceries, moving a pile of bricks from your truck bed to your garden, or just getting up the stairs, fitness enables you to do it with ease. The physical strength you build translates to inner strength, resilience and personal power in other areas of life, too.

Gift 7: Your Body Functions Improve

Get fit and your heart will work more efficiently. You know that. But getting fit will get your other body systems in line also. Whether you’ve been struggling to think clearly on your feet, you’ve been plagued with constipation, or you’re always out of breath, getting fit can remedy all these issues and more. Digestion, circulation, elimination... all of your systems will improve.

Gift 8: You’ll Go Shopping

You probably know people who have to shop for the next size up to accommodate their weight gain over time. Not you. When you get fit for life, you’ll want to go shopping, but because your waist has slimmed up and your muscles have tightened up and your pants are falling off. Treat yourself to some new clothes that feel great on your strong, toned body. You deserve it!

Gift 9: You Won’t Fear Sore

When you're not fit, being sore means something is wrong. When you get fit, being sore (muscle soreness) is something that you welcome. After all, you know the soreness means you’re working your body in new ways that will only improve your physical fitness. If it’s a bad sore, you’ll know that because, well, fit people get to know their bodies.

Need help getting started? I'm here to help you step by step, with safe and effective exercise that fits your lifestyle.

Now is the perfect time to get started on an exercise program that will get you into the best shape of your life. Being fit feels too good for you to miss out on.

Call or email me today and let's talk about your goals and needs.

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