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Sleep and Weight Loss

This is really great news...

Getting more sleep might help you eat less without even trying, according to new research from the University of Chicago.

In the study, the scientists collected data from 80 young adults—with a BMI in the “overweight” range—who slept less than 6.5 hours a night.

Then they divided the participants into two groups: One that got individualized sleep coaching—to improve the length and quality of their shuteye—and one that didn’t.

The results:

On average, participants who received the coaching added 1.2 hours of sleep a night—and ate 155 fewer calories per day than they were before the experiment.

The other group actually increased their daily calorie intake.

Put another way: The participants cut more than 1,000 calories per week from their diet by simply sleeping a little more.

That’s meaningful progress—and it required zero intentional eating changes.

Besides eating less, the participants told the researchers they felt more alert, with a better mood and higher energy level.

Those are benefits that can translate to making better food choices, having fewer cravings, and getting in more daily movement. Win-win-win.

Many of my clients have improved their sleep with amazing results. One of my favorite client stories is about Cathy.

Cathy used to sleep an average of 5 hours per night, because of a busy work and home life, and just too many things to try to get done every day. She wasn't staying up all night binge-watching shows, she was working, doing chores and trying to get things done that she simply didn't have enough time for during the day.

We worked together on slowly increasing her sleep, as well as improving her nutrition and fitness. She now sleeps about 8 hours per night, she's dropped over 35 lbs and she's weathered several stressful life challenges with grace and resilience.

Getting enough sleep is part of her self-care and she prioritizes sleep because she has seen the impact it makes in all areas of her life.

Ready to improve your quality and quantity of sleep, lose weight and end the struggle?

Let's talk!

I'm here to help-



Study Details:

PMID: 35129580

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