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She Almost Gave Up...


When KJ reached out to me last year, she was about to give up.

She was trying to lose weight and had been trying for a long time, was working out regularly, but she couldn't seem to get her "Over 50 FAT" to go away.


Her eating habits were pretty good, too. In fact, she wasn't eating fast food or junk food, but she was carrying around an extra 20 pounds of body fat.

She was beyond frustrated.

When we discussed her situation, KJ told me that she thought her "large arms and legs" were probably genetic and that nothing could be done about them (except maybe surgery and she was NOT going to do that). She had been TRYING to lose weight, to slim down her arms and legs and NOTHING WAS WORKING!!!

As a last ditch effort, she decided to work with me.

I put together a fitness, nutrition and wellness program for her and we focused on long term permanent results, rather than short lived fast results.


In less than 6 months, KJ dropped over 15 lbs of fat, gained some lean muscle, toned her arms, legs and core (OMG look at her abs!) and transformed her body!

Check out another pic of KJ AFTER- WOW!!!

She's now in her BEST SHAPE ever, loving life, enjoying retirement and maintaining her amazing body with a healthy lifestyle that she LOVES!

If you're thinking that you're stuck, that changing your body is impossible, and that losing weight will never happen for you... please reach out to me.

We'll talk about your goals and we'll discuss a plan to help you reach and maintain those goals.



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