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Reaching Your Potential

Do you ever feel like you have more potential than you’re living up to?

If so, how can you harness your potential to create the very best of you?

I recommend using the teachings of Dr. Maxwell Maltz in his legendary book ‘The New Psycho-Cybernetics’.

Dr. Maltz created the original science of self-improvement and success, so who better to turn to when you’re ready to take your life to another level. His teachings have stood the test of time.

Apply the following to make those changes for the better:

1. Use Your Imagination

If you thought that imaginations were only valued in preschool, think again. One of the key points in ‘The New Psycho-Cybernetics’ is the technique of using your imagination to reprogram and manage your self-image.

You may have been exposed to self-improvement strategies that tell you to ‘act as if’ or to ‘fake it till you make it.’ Those typically don’t work because your self-image is still the same.

According to Dr. Maltz, your self-image is the key to changing your actions and habits. If you want to lose 50 pounds, you first have to think of yourself as someone 50 pounds lighter.

Spend time in your imagination. See yourself 50 pounds lighter. Experience a day in your life healthier body. Imagine everything down to the smallest detail.

According to Dr. Maltz, this imagination time will begin to change your self-image to you at 50 pounds lighter, and your actions and habits will fall into place.

2. Reject Negative Thoughts

Negative thoughts will undoubtedly arise as you use your imagination to see your ideal self. “I’m not really going to lose 50 pounds.” “I’ve tried losing weight before and it never works. I’m always going to be overweight.” “This imagination stuff is bogus. It won’t work for me.”

Dr. Maltz says that the instant you receive a negative thought, simply dismiss it. Don’t spend any time on it at all.

The quicker that you dismiss negative thoughts, the less impact they will have on your self-image. Also, you’ll find that fewer and fewer negative thoughts arise once you get into the habit of dismissal. You can replace the negative thought with a positive and empowering one to make the process even faster.

3. Be Nostalgic For The Future

It’s so easy to be nostalgic for the past, especially when you only remember the good stuff. Dr. Maltz recommends developing "nostalgia for the future".

In your imagination, you’ve already lost the 50 pounds, so start pining for the future! Your self-image will lock onto that picture and your nostalgic feelings will fuel the fire. Use your positive emotions to increase the speed at which your self image changes.

4. I’m The Kind Of Person That…

What kind of person are you?

  • I’m the kind of person that loves sweets.

  • I’m the kind of person that hates exercise.

  • I’m the kind of person that can’t lose weight.


  • I’m the kind of person that eats fresh and healthy food.

  • I’m the kind of person that keeps fit.

  • I’m the kind of person that maintains an ideal body weight.

Your self-image will fulfill any label that you put on yourself.

The power is all in your hands. And in your thoughts and self talk.

If getting fit and healthy is something you’d like to do this year, call or email me to set up a complimentary consultation. I’m the kind of person who LOVES to see people achieve their goals!


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