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One Simple Secret...

What’s one big simple secret to losing fat, getting lean, improving your health, and feeling amazing?

The answer is as simple as it is difficult:

Avoid Sugar.

While you probably do your best to eat healthy, do you know how much sugar you are actually consuming everyday? The answer might surprise you.

The average American consumes over 80 grams of sugar everyday, an amount that’s easily three times more than is healthful.

Curious how much sugar you eat?

Simply track the grams of sugar in everything you eat for the next few days and then find your average daily grams of sugar intake. Then simply focus on gradually decreasing this number.

Why do Americans eat so much sugar?

Well, our eating habits have shifted from enjoying occasional treats and sweets, to consuming sweets on a frequent basis. For example, instead of going out for ice cream once in a while, many Americans consume ice cream daily. Cookies, candy, fancy coffee/tea drinks, sodas, juices, etc. that used to be occasional treats, are now consumed multiple times per day, often in lieu of nutritious food.

Another issue is that some food item labels are sneaky about how much sugar is really hiding within. Deceiving messages on the packaging imply that the contents are "healthy", causing us to ignore the high sugar content. Foods like granola bars, cereals, fruit juices/smoothies, energy drinks, and even frozen yogurt are marketed as "healthy", while containing a huge amount of sugar.

What’s the big deal about eating a lot of sugar?

It's easy to eat more calories than you burn when you're eating lots of sugar. And that means weight gain, not to mention the American epidemics of obesity and Diabetes.

Aesthetics aside, a high sugar intake is detrimental to your health as it causes your cells and organs to become acidic and encourages the progression of many diseases.​ Consuming many foods that are high in sugar means eating less nutritious wholesome food, and many Americans are overfed calorically and underfed nutritionally.

Besides your health and your body, eating a lot of sugar really affects your energy levels. After eating a high sugar food, your blood sugar spikes (you know that "sugar high"), but then it crashes and you feel tired, moody, and super low energy. And then you crave... sugar! Unfortunately, many people "ride the sugar rollercoaster" all day and never feel good, balanced and have steady energy.

Take the next week to decrease all added sugars from your diet. Check in with your weight and your energy levels, and at the end of seven days note any difference. I think that you’ll be pleasantly surprised how quickly you’ll see results by making this simple, conscious move to decrease sugar.

Now, if you're running a marathon, or training to run one, there are times that sugar (in some form) is the best fuel during a long duration event. But, if you spend your day sitting at a desk like many people, you'll want to eat for that activity level.

Want help with your nutrition and fitness?

Call or email me today for a complimentary consultation call and we'll discuss how to transform your body and your health, once and for all!


Rose Zahnn


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