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5 Simple Fat Loss Tips

If you want to reduce your body fat, you'll want to follow these five simple tips:

Fat Loss Tip #1: Water Rules

Ready to burn body fat? Then you’ll need to drink water. A lot of it. Every time you feel the urge to drink something, make it water. Not juice. Not milk. And definitely not beer. These add sugars and calories to your daily intake, which will do nothing but make it harder to eliminate your fat stores. Drinking water also helps you avoid eating when you’re not hungry, feel better, and hydrates your body so that everything works better.

Fat Loss Tip #2: Protein, Please

Burning fat stores requires you to "eat for the body you want". That means eating with intention. One of the best things you can do is to consume adequate protein. Whether chicken, turkey, eggs, cottage cheese, vegetarian sources or protein powder, protein gives you the building blocks for muscle and has been proven to decrease your sugar cravings.

Fat Loss Tip #3: Eat the Right Amount

On the path to less body fat, one rule you can’t ignore is to eat the right amount of calories. Even if all you eat is healthy food, if you consume more than you use/burn, you will store the excess calories as body fat. (Bummer, I know.)

Fat Loss Tip #4: Go to Bed

It seems no matter how many studies come out showing the direct connection between sleep and fat loss, many people still ignore their body’s signals to get more sleep. Get to sleep at a time that allows you to get about eight hours every night. You’ll feel better in the morning, avoid late night snack temptations, and burn more fat during your waking hours. Set a consistent sleep and wake schedule and stick to it as much as possible.

Fat Loss Tip #5: Enjoy Treats

Occasionally, allow yourself to enjoy whatever food you desire. Keep it to a normal portion size or just have a few bites or share it.

But here's the secret: It should be an occasional treat.

Our society has been conditioned to think that we should eat treats all the time (pizza, hamburgers, cookies, muffins, Crapaccinos, don't get me started...), instead of eating healthy food ALL of the time and enjoying occasional TREATS.

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